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Invoice *

Invoice * is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. It has been designed from scratch to use the power and beauty of the Mac OS, while making life as easy as possible for its users. Since Invoice was designed purely for OSX, it is not simply a port from another platform, unable to take full advantage of the OSX operating system. Invoice uses it ALL.

Colored Invoices

  • Smart coloring of invoices are helpful to see the status of each invoice at a glance.
Payment Control
  • Your customer does not pay you at once? Keep track of your payments and take control over your balance.
Edit with Style
  • Invoice 3 has a powerful new 'block' style edit mode
Drag & Drop
  • Create and arrange invoices using mac style drag & drop.
Currency on the Fly
  • You can convert currency on the fly. Ideal for people selling their products across the globe.
Items at a Glance
  • The new item catalog manages your items. Set colors for eye catching to speed up you work.
Saved as PDF
  • Export all selected invoices and quotations to folder in PDF format.
Recurring Invoices
  • Never forget to create a recurring invoice using the repeat feature of Invoice.
Smart Folders
  • Take more control over you invoices using smart folders.
Smart Counters
  • See invoice counts at a glance. Invoice 3 groups and counts our invoices internally.
Balance at a Glance
  • Invoice calculates the balance for each customer, project and smart folder.

Layout Designer

Design your layouts with style using the new layout designer. Add new shapes like rectangles, circles, lines and images and logos.

Create Reminders

Create reminders for unpaid invoices.

Smart Fields

Smart fields contain placeholders which are replaced dynamically when printing an invoice.

Simple Inventory

The very simple inventory control takes care of your stock, if you want.

Individual Numbers

Create you own numbering scheme using drag & drop.